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At The Mirkhan Law Firm, our total dedication to clients has resulted in a dynamically new approach to the practice of bankruptcy law. Strategic in our methods and ethical in our practices, we don’t believe in blindly encouraging our clients to file for bankruptcy protection; in fact, the very act of doing so circumvents the true intent of bankruptcy laws. Instead, we believe bankruptcy should be viewed as a tool that can be strategically utilized to help relieve debtors of the pressures felt from relentless creditors. The pillars of our practice include:

  • Personal attention to every case
  • Diligent efforts to advance client interests
  • Creative legal procedures
  • Fearless advocacy

Our approach to bankruptcy law introduces supportive practices and services that are absent among many other practicing law firms in the state. These include strategic financial health management and strategic debt reduction. Discovering the hidden potential of a case is our strength at The Mirkhan Law Firm. We frequently accept the same cases underestimated by other law firms, and we build winning strategies that successfully engulf the opposition.

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Our Methods Redefine Bankruptcy

Experience, honesty, and integrity are the hallmarks of our practice at The Mirkhan Law Firm. Here, your case will be approached with the intention of restoring your financial health, rather than as a routine filing. We’re not just “going through the motions.” Providing our clients with a truly fresh start means we apply strategic maneuvers that are uniquely designed for every individual case. In doing so, we can maximize protection of your assets and pave the path to your financial freedom.

We invite you to entrust your financial health to our Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers and see how quickly you’ll feel relief from the current stressors you’ve been facing. Call us at (310) 627-2048.

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